dnf at the New Hampshire NUE Aug28


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dnf at the New Hampshire NUE

It’s been a week past the New Hampshire 100 and it’s officially time to post about it and get on to the next two NUE’s.

What had started as a chance to grab a great finish only ended up in frustration 22 miles in.

The race had started out fast on the flat rolling sections and soon we hit the railroad bed section that seems to cause mass confusion. In the confused mess, somehow Gerry managed to get away while Dan and I spun ourselves out in bewilderment.

So the chasing started, and we rolled along. We were making good pace, catching a few riders, and on one of the preliminary climbs I was feeling really good.

We hit the big hike a bike section, and Dan got a bit of a gap, but I managed to hold my ground, and then on the second hike a bike section, right before the first major food drop, disaster struck.

Two bolts out of my 4 bolt crank had somehow come loose and my chain ring bent badly. So bad, even if I could get more bolts, it would of most likely just broke some random place on the trail.

So, after some random confusion as to where to go next, I eventually got a ride from a race official. There’s nothing like sitting around and watching a race you wish you were still in.

I managed to get back, get a new ring on and head out for a few more hours of riding before the first riders came through. So with basically two east coast NUE’s left, looks like I’ll need to put together two solid races in 6 days. Roughly equating that something like 16 hours race time – which still somehow does not seem as bad as the 24 hour races I used to do a ton of.

Bad thing is, I didn’t finish New Hampshire, but it will be good fuel to push the pedals even harder these next races – and to race out the 2014 NUE season single speed.

See you at Shenandoah – with a new crank, ring, loctite and chain.

Photo and video credit to Thom at Dirtwire.tv