1rst and a 3rd at Broadview Heights Dec12


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1rst and a 3rd at Broadview Heights

And so it abruptly ends, the last two races of the NEOCX gets cancelled, and Broadview wraps up the series.

With points tight for the 3rd to 5th spot, and me sitting in 3rd, I double thought my idea to keep racing double cross races in a day…. and then decided to double up again.

The small field lined up again and for some reason a big clump of mud attached to the bottom of my shoe preventing my hole shot into the first corner.

Into the next corner, I finally got my bearings straight and I bombed the first few corners before the steep downhill.


Mud was very deep in sections, but I still managed to ride up the steep incline in the back in my 38×20 4 of the 5 times we scaled that little beast.


I would spin out the day with the win and some very, very cold hands.

A switch of clothes, bikes and warmer gloves along with a turkey sandwich and a coke – and about 1. 5 hour’ish later, the A race.

A slight and occasional drizzle was now in the air and it seemed like the mud was getting a lot thicker and deeper.


I would get into a little group chasing John that consisted of myself, Nate and Robert.


Back and fourth we would go for laps, but Nate’s running legs were killing me on the run sections and he eventually got a gap I couldn’t close down.


That left Robert and myself to duke it out for 3rd with a fast charging Paul close on our heels.


With Paul closing in, we kept the pace up and charged on through the mud.  Thanks go out to the pit crew with the fresh cleaned bikes that seemed about 5 pounds lighter.


One lap to go, on the downhill Robert takes it hot and takes a bit of spill giving me a gap that I would hold onto until the end, having me cross the line in 3rd for the day.

John took the win, Nate second, Robert would hold onto 4th and Paul would round out the top 5.


That wraps up the NEOCX series for 2012 and it looks like I ended up 3rd for the year in the series.  Hats off to all the sponsors and support to make the NEOCX happen.

Ernesto out